About Me:

I am a tenured Economics professor at De Anza College in Cupertino, California and a Lecturer at San Jose
State University, where I have been a finalist for the
Outstanding Lecturer Award and winner of the College of
Social Sciences
Teaching Excellence Award (2018--19). I teach principles of macroeconomics, principles of
microeconomics, economics of public issues, and intermediate microeconomics. I also taught
Government/Economics and Advanced Placement Economics at Valley Christian High School in San Jose,
California from 1998-2003 and again from 2006-2014. My previous experience also includes teaching
principles of microeconomics and principles of macroeconomics at George Mason University.

I graduated from Santa Teresa High School located in San Jose, California in 1989. I then attended
San Jose
State University where I earned a B.A. in Economics (minor in Speech-Communications) in 1995 and an M.A.
in Applied Economics in 1997. While at San Jose State University, I was a member of Theta Chi fraternity and
the Speech and Debate Team. I also served in student government as Interfraternity Council President in 1993.
I was also the recipient of the
A.S. 55 Club award, which is a recognition of distinction for up to only 55
student leaders who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to San José State University. I am also the
first recipient of the Department of Economics
Rodolfo Gonzalez Award for Outstanding Alumni.

I originally wanted to go to law school and eventually become a JAG officer in the United States Marine
Corps. I was accepted and I reported to USMC Officer Candidates School in Quantico, Virginia in June of
1993. However, I was medically discharged (injury) from OCS; moreover, I did not go to law school. Instead,
I pursued the Master's degree in Economics. I eventually began teaching (1998) after receiving my Master's
degree from San Jose State University.

In August of 2003, after five years of teaching concurrently at the high school, community college, and
university levels, I decided to get my doctorate. In 2010, I earned a Ph.D. in Economics from
George Mason
University in Fairfax, Virginia, where the faculty included Nobel Prize winners Dr. James Buchanan and Dr.
Vernon Smith. I also had the honor of being the student of
Dr. Walter E. Williams. My fields of study were
Austrian economics and Public Choice economics. My dissertation committee included
Dr. Donald Boudreaux
(chairman) and
Dr. Peter Boettke. Before my graduate studies at GMU, I  formally studied Austrian economics
at the Ludwig von Mises Institute summer programs at Auburn University (1996, 1998, and 2000) and at the
New York University (NYU)/Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) Austrian Economics summer
programs (1997 and 1999).

My father is Assyrian (from Iran) and my mother was from Ecuador. I was born in San Jose, California on
August 23, 1971. I speak Assyrian and Spanish and I briefly studied Italian at San Jose State University.

I got married in 2013 to my beautiful wife. She is a public school elementary teacher. We have two girls.

I enjoy traveling and learning about other places and cultures. I have seen most of the United States from our
major cities to the middle of nowhere, especially since I completed a cross-country drive from      
Washington   D.C. to San Jose (going through Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New
Mexico, Arizona,  Nevada, and California) in April 2006.  I have also been to Fairbanks, Alaska.  As for
traveling abroad,  I have been to Canada several times (Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Kelowna, Victoria, and
Windsor), Mexico (Ensenada), The Bahamas (Nassau), and the following several countries in Europe on five
separate occasions (fall 1997; summers 2001, 2002, 2003; and winter 2014): Ireland, Scotland, England,
France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, and Italy.

I have also had the privilege of being invited to speak at the following universities: The University of
Alaska-Fairbanks, Florida State University, The University of Arizona, The University of South Florida, Texas
Tech University, and the University of Windsor (Canada). In addition, I have been invited to speak at  
conferences sponsored by the Bay Area Financial Education Foundation and California Council on Economic
Education, the California Association of School Economics Teachers (CASET), the National Association of
Economic Educators (NAEE), and the Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE). Since 2013 I have also
worked with the
Fraser Institute, Canada's largest public policy think tank, speaking at teacher, student, and
journalist seminars.

I am a member of the
Mont Pelerin Society. I am also a member of the Economic Education Faculty for the
Fraser Institute, on the board of policy experts for the Heartland Institute, a member of the Scholar's Council
for the
Institute for Principle Studies, and part of the network of professors for the Foundation for Economic
Education (FEE).

I have publications in peer-reviewed economics education journals, a chapter contribution in the book
Teaching Economics: Perspectives on Innovative Economics Education (2019) and numerous articles
published by
Newsweek, The Mercury News, Hoover Daily Report, Ludwig von Mises Institute, the Foundation
for Economic Education (FEE), and Learn Liberty. I am also the author of the
Online Instructor's Manual for
The Economics of Macro Issues
(Pearson Education, 7th and 8th editions).

As for hobbies, I enjoy reading (especially books on economics, politics, and religion/theology), watching my
favorite TV shows (especially any BBQ shows), grilling and using my smoker, going to the movies, and
working out at the gym.
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